It’s official September is here, and everything starts to change, our surroundings, our routines and even us, so we need to do our part and keep those autumn/winter aches and pains at bay, and our attitude strong to get us through the day, how we wake and if we have good early habits,all help…….

The best way to rise and shine is in a relaxed manner, I realize many of us cannot have that luxury, however if you wake naturally before the alarm clock beats you to it, you have rested sufficiently, you have slept the hours you needed to, a little trick with the alarm to get your body into full energy level is to let it ring only once, and leave your bed, wanting to!! When we give ourselves extra time in bed, it can be a sign of lack of sleep, due to alcohol a late dinner habits that can be changed and are stopping you from having a good nights sleep, you need to know how long you need to sleep and see to it that you get that sleep.

If you feel sleepy and tired when you wake, you could be sleeping in a bad posture, one of the best movements you can do when you wake is to move your jaw, roll your shoulders, if you notice you are a little stiff and have joint pain. The best position to sleep is on your left side, with your legs slightly flexed towards your chest, lift higher a little your left shoulder as to not have your full weight completely on it.

Don’t jump out of bed, take it slow and allow your muscles to get in step bit by bit, you have to indicate to your body to prepare it for your daily activities, the light of day also helps us to start our day, it’s always advisable to allow a little natural light into your room, to obtain energy for the day, of course it is necessary to have breakfast, first it allows our interior clock to activate and it gives us energy to get through part of the day, even if it only a little, and complete the breakfast, hopefully before 10 in the morning, you and your body need this, don’t think of the calories, you have all day to work it of and you need to fuel your body, you can’t run a car without petrol and we are exactly the same, aches,pains and headaches even migrains can be due to a lack of food, make sure your supply is sufficient for your daily activities.

Remember self care, the more you care for your body the more your body will care for you, also remember that your thoughts can create your state of positivity, keep positive at all times.

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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