After a busy day yesterday, I have found this little gem, I found it really cute,but maybe above everything else educational………………….just listen how these little people reason with love, maybe we could learn a thing or two. 

Listen to the end it is only 4 mins………..but well worth it !

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3 Comments on “WHAT’S LOVE ?

  1. That was educational. Cute too. I chuckled a lot. Interestingly, the kids didn’t want anything to do with kissing, so I wondered if they had a sense that love means many different things, which as long as it doesn’t include kissing is meaningful for them. All the kids were insightful, but there were two that stole the show for me.

    The boy that said he thought being “original” on Valentine’s Day was better tickled me. I like the way he said: “Everybody does it.” His body language and intonation was priceless. Then the boy who said that ‘love is a mixture of friendship, appreciation, and happiness,’ floored me. Really deep!

    Thanks for sharing!!!


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