First and most important, I hope you have all had a wonderful summer and well earned rest,for those of you that have not been lucky enough to have had that summer break, I hope in your own way have been able to enjoy the warm days, cooler nights and longer summer days and generally enjoyed the summer period, however it is now over and we need to prepare ourselves for the rest of the year, so we need to have PATIENCE, many people don’t realise that September is a little like the new year when we set ourselves the new challenges that we wish to take on in the New Year, PATIENCE is a very needed tool, which is not always taken into consideration or given the importance that it should have, September holds many changes, we go back into our working routine, new time tables and responsibility, if we have children not only your routine changes, but, there’s also, so when we are finding our own feet in this new routine, and our own patience in many case’s is pushed to the limit, so is that of the little one’s around us, for some of them it can be a first day at school, they are afraid,intrigued or even very excited, which ever it may be, we need to show our patience to ease them into there new routine, we see it more of the norm, we know we have to keep going and except the changes in an adult fashion, but we still need patience with ourselves and them.

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Patience is a wonderful thing, which many people feel is a gift, patience can be learned at any age, many would say, we have less patience as we get older,but that is not always true,we may have less patience with noise and things that upset our fixed old fashioned rountines,but change is as good as a rest and to change and acquire more patience is always a good thing. We all get fixed in our ways and routines, we become creatures of habit and in a way close are selves of to change or PATIENCE…. we need to be open, we need patience in everything we do, when we drive,we see all sorts of people driving around and at times witness extremley unresponsable acts, that need alot of patience to overcome, failing patience creates more tension and situations we can do without. Patience is needed when we deal with people, how many times have you thought when viewing or personally being involved in a situation when the person who is maybe attending you should never be in that public service job, due to there lack of patience with the general public. Patience is needed when dealing with children,they can at times push all the wrong buttons,they do not understand every situation around them and patience is needed to guide and teach them to become responsable adult people full of patience,to deal with there future adult life. Patience is also needed when dealing with older people they also can be a species in there own right, they are more set in there ways than any of us and to work along side them as with children need to be people with great patience.Patience with ourselves and others is a wonderful thing, we do not always see that patience is needed with ourselves, we need patience to learn new skills to understand others in a better way patience goes hand in hand with love, if we don’t love ourselves we cannot love anyone else and to recieve patience we must be able to give it, everyone has different views on different topics that what makes us all different,but we are all loved,and we all love in different ways,this is also respect to all and everyone,love and patience.

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

2 Comments on “PATIENCE….PATIENCE SEPTEMBER IS HERE………………………………..

  1. Le plaisir de lire ce blog après les vacances….. hooo que oui c’est très important d’avoir de la patience…. il en faut une bonne dose pour affronter chaque jour de notre vie…. patience et amour….. la vie est moins difficile ……………


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