Have you ever hit rock bottom, or had the sensation that you may have? It’s a question not to be taken light, look inside of yourself and answer how you feel, has it mean an emotional breakdown or maybe a physical breakdown or sadly did you get it all at once, the important thing is not to compare yourself with others or allow others to compare you with anyone, no one know’s your rock bottom like you, and let me tell you from experience the only way out of the situation is up, and it can happen, even if you don’t have the support of the people you thought you needed most, what is curious about these circumstances is that you become accustomed to living your life a different way, and this is not a punishment to you, infact, it can take you to the happiest moments of our life.

The beauty of hitting rock bottom is that apart from finding so many new things about yourself, it is a continual discovery route into yourself, and one of those wonderful things is hope, hope is a wonderful thing and it takes on an entirely different light to you, once, you have hit rock bottom and even visited that basement mentioned above!! The hope in you becomes a moment of knowing that all is possible, you are on your way up and you thought you would not be going anywhere except for your corner in the basement, your hope becomes everything to you and you allow it into your life, allowing ourselves, giving ourselves permission is something we don’t realize we actually stop, we become that block, but with hope we get out of the way, we open the windows to our being and let our life flow as it should be, we stop hurting and punishing ourselves, we do all this inconditionally.

Life is a great teacher, it maybe the best mentor we ever have,if we listen….. and if we find that difficult, taking advice and letting them listen and guide you on a professional level, is maybe one of the best investments we ever undertake, to invest in yourself is a gift worth recieving……….always, we deserve the best in life, and when we take this as part of us, our abundance starts to flow and our life can blossom in the direction that we wish, learn from what went wrong, it may not of been you, but you can learn from the behaviour of others, you will know how to avoid similar situations in the future and surround yourself with the right people and enviroment you wish, when you give you recieve, in all areas of your life and when you grow others will acknowledge that, you may need to leave certain people on the way, but if you wish to move on and they allow you to walk away, it has to be the right decision

Use everything you learn in life to your best advantage, when in doubt ask and learn that way, invest in yourself, whether it be further education, books self care love, use your hope and leave the basement…………..the light is always shinning for you and your abundant life,give yourself permission to live and enjoy life.

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach






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