The relationships we form in our workplace are very similar to our own family relationships they can be truly fantastic or a complete disaster, so if you are a totally positive person how do you avoid negative people in the workplace. And the second question should be if you are totally positive how do you attract negative people to you, the answer to this is out of your hands in this case, as you may have to have daily contact with these people and work in close proximity or you do have a negativity that you do not recognise within yourself,if you believe that you work in a place of peace,happiness where everyone is appreciated and respected,and do not get involved in the daily chit chat about everyone who works along side you,by being like this you will help to bring out the best in everyone around you, the best quality of work and you will feel that you are working in ideal conditions to suit you, you will be happy at work

working enviroment

When you think of your work colleagues don’t think of them as being negative,we all have different and many qualities,you have to work with the qualities,get them to shine with those qualities and only focus on them. When negativity is around you and being shown to you, ignore it….. just keep in your mind that you work in a happy positive environment.
If you share your work place with some one who is always ill, you may find that this person is actually afraid of situations and will self sabotage themselves in this way, you will probaly find that as children they were also always sick, this way as a child they would of found affection and love from their parents,and feel that by using the same pattern as an adult,the understanding will be similar,this in a busy working place does not work like that, as others will be doing their work continually,what they need to do is grow from these experiences and find the way to discover affection and love and respect in an adult manner, not as a small child.

Competition is also a big problem in the working place,for a negative person, it will be an enormous challenge to them every step of the way, a positive person will see it totally different,they know they are unique and that nobody is like them in any shape or form,they know their qualities and have confidence in what they do,they see competetion in another way.
Communication in the work place is also very important,communication must be open,but this does not mean offensive, alot of people feel that speaking their mind is the correct way to go,the big question is would they like to be spoken to or hear what they have to say,there is a big difference between saying what we feel and saying it the right way,or suffering from a superiority complex and saying the same thing the wrong way.Nobody should be talked down to,we are all human beings and have a right to be treated that way.Positive people do not suffer from feeling superior they are comfortable and confident in their own being,they like to contribute to the world and feel fulfilled.

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