Most of the world is suffering in some shape or form an economical crisis,more severe that the last world war.Hard times are upon us.We must never forget that every person will react differently to this or their situation,depending on the resistence capability of each one,how they live or see the problem or the crisis,some will have emocional reactions and others more specific.
During this experience some people will grow and be strong others will sink,become ill and depressed.This is where the power of the mind can show us the potential to our attitudes and the development of our human strength,converting our personality into being able to confront any situation.
When we are under stress, how do we know? when we are under the influence of this stress, it can be three or four months into the situation before the true signs show,when we suffer from stress,fear,anxiety and are totally preocupied,panic attacks and general fear of the present and the future,and everyone is different on how it effects them.This will also affect our internal balance,it can be seen within the family,in our work place and in our social lives,everything is affected but this is when and totally depends on our strength and personal resistence on how we approach the problems or crisis at hand.

control your mind
To react in time is of the upmost importance in this situation, before it get’s the better of us,when we don’t react,we lose control of our situation and generate more stress and panic,which will start of a chain of problems,when we feel this way,we are not in a condition to resolve any problem,we must have faith and confidence that everything can be resolved,the longer we take,our confidence gets smaller and smaller and are posibilities to resolve conflicts are less likely,your confidence level should be high on your list, and to know that no one is alone in these times,there are many people in conflictive situations waiting for the sunshine at the end of the tunnel.

control boundaries
How true is that, when you really consider what those words say to you,this does not mean we ignore the problems,we must face them,but in the optimal conditions that we can,we need pacience and positivity for ourselves and others,to sit and cry,feeling sorry for ourselves and calling badly everyone one we have around us, does not give a solution,you have to move forward all the time,doing the best you can,that is what life is,some may not appreciate your best,but,if you know you have given your best,you are the best person to judge…we cannot give more than that,life is made up of problems and crisis,some bigger than others but they are always present and for some it is a blessing,bringing people through them as stronger and more considerate human beings,nobody deserves these things,but if we live,we will come across situations from time to time.The first option for many will be to blame others,the second option is to accept the situation,take values from it and the positivity it can bring.Activate everything possible to resolve the problem at hand and consider each obstacle as it appears,you are then converting this experience in an opportunity to grow stronger,learn to live,life as it is,develope mental abilities you did not have and transform that inner self with strength,capable to resist and in a mature way prepare to find happiness in every day things.The second option obviously is the correct way to go,take the opportunity to learn from our mistakes and to make strategies to confront the future in an efficient manner with alternatives and solutions,which will give security and hope to our new found strength.

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

“You are the master of your life, you are the master of your mind – you have the power to change the way you feel. You have the power in you to achieve your goals to become the person you want to be,and to live the life our your dreams.”

Zlatoslava Petrak

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