How often do you stop and think about yourself, (If your answer to that is all the time) you could be a little selfish, however if the answer is not enough then maybe it is time to put that right, Many of us go through life, simply pleasing others all the time, we are split into so many pieces, wearing so many hats, we lose ourselves and even the love we should have for ourselves,

When we are bogged down with the responsibilities of others we can forget our own, to help others is a wonderful thing and a wonderful feeling,but to feel appreciated is also a nice feeling. And this is where the real question lies, do we appreciate and love ourselves ? a little or even enough……you have to get the right balance here, as to not to fall into the catergory of selfish and totally self centered, you then become a person with no balance and will tred on the feelings and sentiments of others, generally speaking not a nice or good person,it is really not possible to go through life only ever thinking of just your little self, even if you think nobody else looks out for you.

love & care for others

Now, if you do think of others all the time, you may have to learn to pronounce the word NO, not an easy task, you might even face emotional blackmail here, depending on what the NO is for, but if this is the case,you are probaly dealing with a selfish person,you know the saying Do unto others as you would do to yourself, keeping this in mind, you as a person will probaly never fall into this catergory. We all need someone at some time, nobody is free from this,but knowing you are being put on, is also a hard pill to swallow, always depending on circumstances and situations. (You know which is an inevitable situation or not)

We must always have time for ourselves,time to love and appreciate ourselves, for what we do and want to do, you can still help others,but never forget yourself, when we do this we start to feel bad about what we are doing,and the happiness and forfilment we feel will be taken away and a little resentment will creep in, nobody is a machine, a little oil here and there will not make everything right,we could in fact finish ourselves with total engine failure, and where would we be then, there are only so many hours and so many days,time for ourselves is priceless for the better of everyone around us,whether this be work,home or family.

When we take time for ourselves, we also value more what we are doing, that little breather is literally that, a breath of fresh air, we find inner calmness,we find natural balance and we find our creativity, be it for ourselves or others. You may do nothing with your personal time,you may just relax or do something you really enjoy, without the obligations that are normally attached

It is extremley important that we remember ourselves, that we love and appreciate everything we are and do, we are unique and others should see us in this light, we should care for ourselves to ensure good health and happiness,we all have our purpose and if part of that is helping others, then do exactly that but never ever forget yourself, you really are worth it.


Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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