If you are an only child, you may think that growing up alone you are happy within your own company, this can be true for some, but not for everyone, the same as coming from a big family, people at times feel they would dislike to be alone…. to travel alone can be a choice or maybe circumstances, could you travel alone?

When you embark on a holiday alone, it is really giving you a golden opportunity to get to know yourself, even if you maybe live alone and have done for many years, when you are in your familiar surroundings you will always find something to occupy you, however when you are away travelling, your surroundings are new, your daily chores are not needed and it is you and where you are, your new surroundings are great to occupy you with interest, depending on the type of holiday you choose, you may become more knowledgable or simply far more relaxed.

Holiday alone time can be a wonderful experience for you, it is a perfect moment to have one to one time with yourself, while simply sitting and relaxing you can meditate and really work with yourself from within, it is amazing how many people really do not know themselves, it is extremley important to know yourself well, to enable you to control your re-actions to distinct circumstances that appear in our life from time to time, it can help us with patience and guide us onto the correct route in life, when we spend time alone in this way we become more aware of our inner voice and how we should listen when it wishes to pass on messages to us, it is very strange that our gut instinct betrays us! we learn how to tune into our bodies and mind, all this takes time/silence and patient and holidaying alone it the perfect opportunity.

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach






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