As you know the Law of Attraction (LOA) states that like attracts like… so what does this mean, it simply means you have to have a image in your mind an image that will attract to you what you want, and then you must feel as though you already have your thought, your wish, this way you will start to have vibrations like those of someone who already has what they wish for, there are certain ways of making this easier, one easy way is to feel grateful for what you want, before you recieve it, it maybe something that you have never thought of before, to use gratitude before an event, this is a little magical power that can help you to recieve what you want, the Law of Attraction is nothing new, as many people believe it is a new age thing! Well sorry folks you are very wrong, if you go back to the bible you will find the following:-

“Whoever has gratitude(In this moment,now) will be given more, (in the future) and he or she will have an abundance>”

To be grateful is of great importance, and you must feel and have this before you can receive, it should not be something you just do as an after thought once something that pleases you happens, but, to have permanent magical moments in your life, you need to be grateful at all times for all things, magic will start to happen around you and in all areas, never forget to be grateful before and after. When you feel and state gratitude you will continue the feeling of having what you want, the image will be in your mind, you are holding on to your images and believes and the magic will start to happen, you have no idea of how, but that is the magic of The Law of Attraction, that is the job of the universe, do you stop to think how when you drop something it goes bang on the floor and not float up above you!! Have faith believe in your wish, believe in yourself and that it can happen, be grateful for what you have, and all that you want will magically appear for you, you will attract it, bacause that is exactly the Law of Attraction.

Do you know what you really want right now? This in fact can be the problem for many people, they either do not know what they want, or they feel they are asking for too much, never be afraid to ask, and never be afraid to believe that you deserve it, these traits can be big blocks for you on your journey to manifestation, have it clear what you want, you can take it step by step if you feel better that way, make a list and choose your top desires it can be various, it is then down to you and your emotions on the subjects, remember gratitude and that feeling of already having what you wish, the more detailed your wish the better and you will be able to see the magic happen in all areas. You are placing your super magical request to the Universe, and they will deliver, the Law of Attraction will attract it to you.

One step you can also do, to reinforce your wishes and manifestation, is to write it out, there is something very powerful and magical about placing a pen to paper with your wishes, but, this time write them out as if yu already have them, express how you feel and the gratitude you are feeling, by doing this you are creating more focus on your gratitude,concentrate on how you felt when you held your thought on already having what you want, how did it feel to achieve your wish, what did you do, did you share your accomplishment with someone, how did you do it, what did you say….include as much details as you can, go over and over the scene, keep that image in your mind and gratitude gratitude all the way……………………Make your wishes come true

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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