It’s your life and anything goes!! live your life to suit you, to make you happy and ignore what others think!!

What a wonderful way to live your life, full of positivity and energy day in and day out… full of optimism and the joy of life, life is beautiful, what more can you ask for, how you re-act to life is how you dictate your life’s journeyand how you could feel every day.

Ask yourself if you burst with excitement as you face a new challenge or do you gringe within, at just the thought, can you see your reaction and how it dictates how you are going to feel, a challenge in life is exactly that, a challenge, something you should feel excitement for not dread, life is full of up’s and down’s but it is all experience for us and put us to the test, not all are bad…..forging are way to success, can be hard, but exciting and full of experience’s that slowly shape us into who we are.

Depending on your age, the people you have around you will influence you in one way or another, if you are older you will enjoy to have young people around you and there attitude there vigor for life and at times how serious they can take situations, when they could be be very happy experiences. For those of you who have the pleasure of being a Grandma, you will know that it is maybe the best job of your life, your good at it and it has very happy moments and memories….if you are younger and facing the challenge of making your way in life, get excited about it, don’t worry about how, just be determined that you are going to succeed and meet all your goals, one at a time, how you set your mindset is of the most importance, remember it’s your life, and anything goe’s and you have nothing to prove to anyone, never compare yourself, you are unique in everything you do.

Do you have a routine in your life, you should as it will help in many areas, your life needs to be balanced in all areas, and some amybe more as you become older!! as you tend to stay more in one place, going to the gym is excellent regardless of your age, yoga is wonderful for the mind and the body movement is essential, when you have a break from the gym or your routine, you feel it and every year, it takes longer to catch up, we find we have new aches and pains and muscles where we never imagined….. there is nothing better than surprising the people around you and even yourself, in this respect you may be surprised to find that occasionally women can be harsher than men, with there opinions and words..they seem to notice certain things and changes, but do it for you not others, and get to the stage where the opinion of others does not upset you, do what is right for you…… do what you feel like, it will make a hugh diference to you…

Enjoy your life, it’s your life, and anything goe’s……’s all down to you!

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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