Hoping this is going to be a good week for you, that you are starting with a  positive attitude and are going forward toward the goal you are seeking.

Do you enjoy your present job, although it may not be your dream job is it associated with the way you wish to go, are you on the road to success and personal satisfaction within your working enviroment.

do what you can

For your well-being, balance and harmony in life it is important that you do what you want to do,  you spend many hours working at this activity and if you feel no satisfaction or happiness within your work place you will find difficulty in maintaining good relationships outside of your work  or inside, you are living with a heavy load 24/7, you will never feel the want to go to work and fulfil a satisfying day, and this is when a depression can set in. 

At times when we are having problems with our partners or children, it can be due to having an unhappy working situation, when you dread going to work or suffer a lot of conflict during your working day, it is at times inevitable that you will take it home with you, it is easier said than done to leave the problems at work there and become another person when you leave, obviously to be able to do this it would depend greatly on the scale of the problem. However it is a very typical situation that we take it out on the people we love, the people who are waiting for us at home. teenagers also have this problem at times and take it out on their parents, it is so important for everyone concerned in this, that we try to work within are desired choices.

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2 Comments on “DO YOU ?

  1. my working years were tuff with a capital ‘ T’ !! – but I held much respect from others & respected others just as well…Intelligence & skill attract me – so I was in a ‘comfortable’ environment where my actions could be satisfactorily explained in a few words —
    and, IT WAS A GOOD PLACE TO LAUGH… Phew! 🙂


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