Are you one of those?……..simply can’t help yourself and you just go over and over the same thing, first of all, just think how much time you are wasting, valuable time that could be given to something else, the fact that you go over and over something in your mind, does not mean that the result is going to be better, probably quite the contrary, and your mind will be ready to explode, do you do this because you doubt yourself so much, you have so little confidence in the decision you could make……as you go through things in your mind, have a little look within, what does your instinct tell you? you can listen and allow that also, are you trying so hard to do everything right, thinking the more time you consider something the more intellectual response you will give it? Sadly it does not work that way……you need to know yourself inside and out, the more you know yourself and the more honest you are with yourself regarding your person and reactions the quicker your mind will respond to decisions you need to make and to resolving problems, it is vital that you know yourself and if you don’t, this is something you do need to give time too, and in an honest and loving way, this is when the love for yourself should be the closest to you, by loving yourself you will be able to fill yourself with confidence, trust and value for who you are…..

Have you ever thought that your lack of being able to make decisions and resolve problems, could be just down to you, and that it is you that needs to accept what is? When we accept, we allow ourselves to move on in life, which enables us to have a clear vision, whether that be ourselves or life in general, therefore we can achieve confidence trust and love within our life and make decisions that are necessary, for you and your new fantastic life.

Happy thinking,

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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