I had a little trip down memory lane yesterday, and I was thinking of my Grandparents, My Grandfather was a kind and gentle person, He was known for being clever, as they called it then, he went to Grammar School and also studied French, which he wrote and spoke with ease, he had a beautiful style of writing and this for that era was a great accomplishment.(He was born in 1902) I have been fortunate, and have travelled to many corners of this world, however my Grandfather never left British shores, but travelled the world with his atlas most days, he could tell you anything you wanted to know about foreign lands as he called them from any point of the globe, he would have loved the internet and I am sure he would have been a permanent fixture in my home here in Spain, I did have the pleasure of seeing my Grandmother here in 1983,being the only granddaughter she was determined to see where I lived, but sadly my Grandfather had not been with us for many years at that time. I was remembering many things about him yesterday, his books for one which I am proud to say I have a small collection which I treasure, and take special care of them, but, along with many lovely memories I remember our family Sundays, during the week my Grandfather would study his map and of we would go, it was always “A magical mystery tour” you never knew where we were going, we could take a guess, but he never gave up his final destination, and believe you me, at times we could be hours, and when you asked “are we there yet” his reply would always be the same, “just 5 more minutes” and another hour would pass by, they were always interesting places and of course he would know the history/story attached to wherever our destination was. Returning was also a great part of the excursion, we would always stop for “High tea” ha ha ….my Grandmother always refered to it, with those words !! (complete with her hat and gloves) she never went anywhere without them. hat-and-gloves 

So, as it is a lovely day to remember, I thought I would pass on some of my childhood memories………………………………..

Wishing you all a lovely day, enjoy and be happy !


Brooke Universal Life &Relationship Coach

14 Comments on “SUNDAY’S & EXCURSION’S

  1. What beautiful memories of your grandparents… They both sound wonderful. I love the ‘magical mystery tour’… thanks so much for sharing! xx


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