A great strength has to be found in organization and planning, and the better you know yourself the easier this will be, to be able to go forth and tackle with the needed concentration on major events, you have to know your best time, are you a morning or a night person? choose the best time for you………it is also well worth remembering that your concentration span is around 45 mins, so it’s not wise to go on further than that, organize your rest periods and then go back to what you are doing… take around 10 mins between your periods of concentration, by doing this you are actually gaining time and not wasting it, always take your rest period to reach your full concentration potential.

Concentration and motivation are very closely linked, the more you enjoy what are doing, the better your concentration will become, you will able you to visualize and to be more positive.

Always try to find the appropiate place when you know you need to concentrate, your surroundings are very important, as little noise and distraction as possible,

Of course, you may find that the noise does not come from around you or the exteriors, it can be simply within you, this is may be the worst kind, your mind jumping from one thing to another, that little voice you have within that is telling you different options and opinions, when you feel this atmosphere around and within in, take contro of yourself and apply relaxation techniques to calm yourself down, sufficient to be able to have a clear concentration time.

And finally remeber you are human, and there will be moments that you will be distracted and it is not the correct moment for you to concentrate as you should, accept this, don’t become angry with yourself, the soon you accept it for what it is, you will be able to start to concentrate more and better…..

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach






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