Can you cope? some of us are very good at coping and maybe even hiding the facts from others, although this is not the answer, the more open we are the better it is for all concerned, you are in a position to voice your opinion and express your concerns and may be even panic regarding the subject, depending on what it is ………….. the more you can express yourself freely without hiding the facts from others, the better you will feel,this will also allow you to feel supported by your friends and loved one’s and in a position to sit and chat it through, no matter what it is, if you feel you need to.

How you cope with any situation will greatly determine the outcome, you have to be able to divide yourself a little and distinguise between your emotional and logic sides, when you can do this, you are relieving your nervous system of a trauma waiting to happen, we are all capable of falling apart over many things, but, when we think why we should not, it helps greatly and you are the principal reason followed by your family and friends. The more together you are, the more you can reason and understand, the more clarity you will have, and the less self pity and sympathy you will wish to feel for yourself.

When we look at our problem, as a challenge sent to us, we instantly take on another view and our action plan is different, we start to operate from the brain and not the emotional heart, this does not make us hard or misunderstood it simply allows us to go through the motions in a step by step process and we don’t bounce all over the place, along with our emotions, we will have high and low days, but we will know deep down that we are never sent anything that we cannot handle, although it may seem impossible at the time, we are resilient, and strong and can overcome anything, if we have the correct mind-set…… and the support we need from ourselves and the one’s we love, whatever you are going through it is a challenge, you can overcome, an experience you can put into your life folder and maintain the power within your knowledge. ……………you are becoming that better person, that person that is still within your learning curve of life……the person you wish to be….

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach 2817822058483296

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