Married life is something you have to work at, as I am sure many of you know, at times we come across people you are not healthy to your marriage, here is a small guide about which kind of people you need to look out for, if you don’t want your marriage falling into the danger pit!

The Sparky type

These kind of people can be your friend, a gym colleague or you may even know them from work, and on top of it can be happily married and just like to take pity on their down colleague, they may enjoy the same kind of hobbies as your partner or none at all, but for some reason they catch the attention, they light up a spark, and this is dangerous for your marriage.

marriage 1

That Special Friend

You probably know or have heard of them, as when we become infatuated by someone we tend to mention their name an awful lot, watch out for that, its difficult to know where that fine line between friend and something else exactly is, but it does get crossed, it can start with the odd text, then it becomes a constant stream, the danger point here is when all goes quiet, that is when they start to cover their tracks, beware……………

marriage 2

The Online Connection

Your partner might think that a little flirt on the internet is just fun !! beware….they can be extremely naive, after a while this” flirting”has to go somewhere, it starts to progress ? or just fades away ……it can be a great escape route and helps you to believe you have found your soulmate………..take care with this one.

The Emotional Affair

When you reach this stage, emotions have been put on the table, feelings are out there clinging on to whatever is possible, both parties will be getting more and more into it and the energy will be zooming round, and very little will be left for the marriage,if it becomes public knowledge they will swear they have hardly kissed !!!!

marriage 3

The Full Blown Affair

Bad news this is the full package, emotional and physical, although they will only admit to sex, “its only sex” and just wish to end the relationship, in most cases, not all ! Your partner may wish to work on your marriage, but very often the other relationship continues in secret, not wanting to close any door for good at this moment. 

marriage 4

The Love of Their Life

This really is your worst nightmare and outcome, your partner will tell you they have found their soul mate, they will feel bad for hurting you but it will not stop  them from seeing each other, but don’t despair just yet, they have yet to know each other well, they have not crossed any bridges or family problems yet, your partner will feel very in love with this third person more than anything else to justify the hurt they create for their family. 

marriage 5

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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