Start your day well, full of energy and perfect detox,before anything have a glass of warm water with a teaspoon of lemon juice, apart from vitamin C for the energy kick, you activate the digestive system and this helps to start the detox in your body.

Make getting out of bed a slower routine,jumping from bed the first thing in a morning is not good for you, the legs accumalate blood,therefore less is received in the head, if you move quickly you can experience a slight dizzy feeling.

Start the day without stress, breath deeply three times during 30 seconds, you need to breath through the nose, and release through the mouth,note that it fills the stomach and lifts the rib cage, in the evening a little aromatherapy which helps to relax and reduce anxiety. Light incense, burn oils, lavanda,mint this will relax you enough to help you sleep the whole night long.

Think in positive, to get trained, take a little note book and write down all the nice and positive things that happen to you during your day, read it often,and soon your mind will automatically store your positive thoughts.

Listen to music,….. earphones are the best, not at full volume to avoid problems with the ears,loss of hearing or tinnitus, the best level is if you can hear the general conversation around you.

Read, but with sufficent light, poor lighting can cause tiredness and itching of the eyes,when you strain your eyes you also can provoke headaches,blurred vision and even dry eye. The best light is what is known as white light the nearest to natural light.

If you find yourself with a drop of energy, take a green tea, with brown sugar and honey, the brown sugar and honey are great for the neurons to get you in motion again.

The summer is coming so we must not forget our skin, we get hot the aircon goes on, one of the best natural remedies for keeping humidity in the air, is a plant,at home or in your work place,gives us good clean air, plants in a home can purify and revitalise the air which in turn protects us from many cleaning products and toxins we use, some plants can filter the air, so don’t just enjoy nature outside bring a little into your home.
These are just a few little things that you can incorporate into your daily living without any great effort…………………


Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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