Do you really give credit to yourself about how wonderful you are, you are made of first class material, what does this mean, the human body is so strong,it is capable of over coming all types of situations which at times we feel are impossible. So straight away you should have the confidence in your capabilities and possibilities, but, you probaly have not used them to your entire benefit,you have no doubt felt weak at times and felt that you don’t control anything and that opportunities just fall through your fingers without you being to direct things they way you wish.
Of course we have limitations,and we cannot control everything,but the one thing you do have always is to decide what you want to do in your life and what you don’t,you can change the way we focus on things,you are the only one you can cross the barriers that you put in your life due to your own lack of confidence in yourself,when you feel that people who have great success in their lives forgot to put your name on the list.You have to know that your mind in a way is like a piece of clay, that you can form to how you want it to be,your future is in your hands and in every corner of your brain, you have to know that you have the strength to take out of the way what is stopping you from going forward and achieve your goals.

success and strength

We are what we think, the way we think affects in a direct manner our physical and emotional state, this is all about pure logic,we enter into the passionate world of our thoughts and demonstrate who we are and convert into what we think. We have to be aware that what we think has one or more affects and consequences that affect our mind,body and our own existence. Although we can analise all day long our thoughts,we cannot stop there,the next step is to learn how to generate positive thoughts, optimistic full of hope,illusion and the joy of being alive.

life lessons 1

life lessons 1

The true change happens when we create new brain pathways, our new motorway!! when we go a further step and see the image and take action, for example imagine yourself making a wonderful cheesecake….. When you close your eyes and see yourself in that kitchen creating your cheesecake,you are making your pathways in your brain,which you can make your reality…… do you see how to create new thought patterns, with this you learn to be positive,attentive,conscious and to be able to reflect when this is repeated time and time again, the new brain path is made, and this changes the function of our brain which gives us new habits and positive routines, our old thought patterns will vanish you will feel healthy, emocionally strong and find a new found well being.



Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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