How many times a day, week year do you say, “Oh, i’m just made that way, you can’t help how you are made” it is important that you are honest with yourselves at this point, because that will determine if this post is going to be of any use to you or not, and I really would like you to take something away with you after you have read this!!

When you know that something is not right in your life, whether you are conscious of the course or not, you know you need a change, your life needs to change and you need to change, and hiding behind circumstances and excuses will not bring about that change, yes, initially we are made that way, but that is mainly due to our surroundings and what we pick up along the way, do you know who you would really like to be, how would you like to conduct your life and how you wish to live it, it is not important how old you are now or what you are doing, it is the change that you wish to make and the power you can put behind it, are you prepared for that?

When you make these decisions, you are ready to start your new life with determination, focus and motivation…..each day is the first day of your life, learn something everyday that will take you closer to your ideal living situation, it is never to late to learn and it does not matter how long it takes if you are on the road you are seeking, you will enjoy it, because you have started a process of loving and liking yourself, this is the first step, love the person you know you really are,don’t be afraid or even embarrased about who you wish to be, the secret is to start following and forfilling your dreams and not the dreams of someone else, because this is what most of us do, when you design and create your own life, you enjoy everyday, even the bad one’s, because you know the outcome is for your benfit and pleasure, you can achieve what you wish in life, no one is beyond learning, some of us take longer than others, but when you have that power of knowledge, you will feel amazing, I have always told you that knowledge is power, how long it takes to get it is of no importance, once you have it you have it, go for your dreams and live the life you want and deserve……..

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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