One of the worst sins we can involve ourselves in is if you feel you have not been or are not happy, life sometimes deals us some terrible cards, but its time to reflect and ask yourself that question, Are you happy ? Its time to implicate yourself on a journey to finding happiness, its a journey you have to take on your own, its a trip through your interior, a look at your soul, because the vital satisfaction can only be found inside of you, because our resources of mind and soul our exclusively ours and only we can use them in the correct manner. This is an invitation to take action,and from our inner self, we can become stronger,ready to love our life,feel grateful,generous,confident and have the joy to live.

Happiness Umbrella


You need to make a promise to yourself,open up to your sentiments, give yourself permission to take stock of your emotional luggage, take every moment and live in the present.

You may wonder how you are going to do this, you have to realise that no matter what cards we have been dealt,no matter how much is taken from us, nothing can take away your choice of how you feel and live your life from the inside, before any situation we still choose how we feel and live within those circumstances, so if things are not how you want them to be, you must choose to make the most of that situation,and that is down to you,you decide how you feel,you can turn the experience into a success inside of you,or you can let it go and purely be a spectator of your own life.

You will see around you through the people you know that a problem is never the same for two people,one will drown within the problem the other will raise right out of it,some people love life and others are professional unhappy seekers, the only difference between these two people is there attitude and how they see things and feel them. 

In some cases it is the education we receive,we first learn our attitude from children, but that does not mean we cannot change our attitude if we wish, if we have been over protected as children or taught to be construtive this will show in the way we handle problems,people who are extrovert are normally more happy because they are more aware of how to enjoy daily things in our lives.

We are the owner of our own attitude and that is where we need to start our work,today, we have to construct the attitude we want to suit the life we want, if you just carry on as you are,you may find that you miss out on about 80% of the positive events that take place around us,however if you are open you will know that you can always learn something from what goes on around us , you need to be in contact with life, you need to start to notice different things around you and enjoy them during your day, other wise you may find everything is white OR grey !!!


Brooke Life & Relationship Coach


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