We are always reading about our positive and negative attitude, and how we should have a positive outlook and to disregard the negative thoughts that we have on a daily basis, how we train our brains to ignore negativity and to concentrate on positivity. All this is true, and I urge you to continue on these lines, however, have you ever stopped to think about what you say, this is also part of our frequency that we send out, even if our mind is thinking the opposite ! you go with the flow of the conversation of the moment, over coffee, over the phone in your work place, you agree as not to disagree, or simply to get the conversation over quicker…… we all do it.

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But, we need to take stock of what we are actually saying, we all know someone you will constantly complain about whatever, it is not always a valid complaint or comment, we also harm ourselves by using words such as, No I can’t, it’s not possible we make excuses as to not do something, the same way we train our minds to reject negative thoughts, we must do the same with our verbal connection’s to others, we need to change our can’t for maybe not at the moment, the words that we choose are very important, and we should take a closer look at exactly what we say,it is very important if you are working towards creating something new in your life, I have mentioned in previous blogs how important our vibrations are, it is necessary to have a high frequency level in everything we do. If we know we can create with our thoughts imagine the added power we can give with what we are actually saying out loud. Our personal power is incredible, it is all within, as humans we are capable of overcoming many things in our lifetime, we manage to overcome loss of our loved one’s and difficult situations that life gives us from time to time, we do all this with our inner strength and our will to carry on, so, by being aware of what we say is not such a difficult task.

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