When you really love yourself, you understand that in all circumstances,you were in the right place,at the right time,at the right moment…..therefore I could relax…Today I know that this  has a name, self-esteem

self care 3

When I really love myself, I stop wishing my life was different, and I start to accept everything that contributes to my growth, This I name Mature

When you really love yourself, you start to feel free of people and situations ,everything and anyone that constantly brings you down. At the beginning my reasoning was my “ego ” within this attitude. Today I call this loving myself

love yourself 2

When you really love yourself, I refuse to live in the past and worry about the future . Now I stay in the present,and enjoy my life, I live my life one day at a time. This I name worthwhile

When you really love yourself, I understand that my mind torments me and tries to deceive me,however when I give my heart ,to a very valid partner.This I call knowing that I am alive !

Life is now here

We should not have fear,question or confront ourselves,until the planets crash together,and within this chaos usually the majority of  new  stars are born.

Universal magic 1

Brooke Universal Life Coach





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