The words of a very great acknowledged man of our times …….

Now to the topic of today, Journaling, do you have a journal ? Journaling can or could be a very important part of your life, when we journal we are allowing ourselves to have a one to one moment with ourselves, a journal is usually a private for your eyes only , exclusive little book….. this is where you can bear your soul and your deepest thoughts within your mind and heart.

When you journal it is doing something today that your future self will thank you for, this quiet one to one time will give you peace and joy. It will also give you a record of how you develope over a period of time, even year to year, it will be a moment of your day that you will enjoy time and time again, when we make journaling a habit, it is something we need as part of our daily routine the same as air……

There are many ways to journal each method is what brings more joy to you as an individual, when you start to journal many have difficulties where to start, a good starting point is to ask yourself a question each day, just one question and of course you would answer that question, with hand on heart, remember this journal is for you and your benefit, so to elaborate a question or answer that is not truly you, would be, simply wasting your own time, and will prevent you from finding your true self. A kind thought is another method of starting, again with the same principles always, journaling is an excellent way of destroying your limiting beliefs, when you write your belief’s down in a journal or paper, it gives you the opportunity to read them various times and to reach deep within to find their origin, again always with honesty, fool others if necessary but never yourself.

Journaling will give you meaningful moments and the opportunity to find your authentic self, and of course is an excellent way to describe your gratitude in every way. Nothing holds a lack of importance, what is important to you has a warranty to be in your journal, remember this is yours and what you feel sense and live should be noted within. Your journal is a secret place to explain your stories in life, where you can share your own growth and make an amazing discovery regarding your inner and outer self, you may find many magical moments that need to be written down, it will awaken many things for you and help your wisdom and clarity to flow, it can be a wonderful time for healing and transformations, we express ourselves in a personal and heartfelt way, that when you read through your journal , you may surprise yourself about your truths. it can create a turning point for the change you are seeking, it allows you to take time to reflect and record what goes on in your life, your creative writing will help you to be more aware, a new awareness will appear releasing you from whatever holds you back, you can learn to forgive and most of all to love, we all deserve love and to start with ourselves is a wonderful place to start,…………..


Universal Life Coach


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