When you think of kindness, what comes to mind, what you can do for another person, what someone can do for you or maybe what we all could do if we pulled together, that would be a lovely thought and an incredible thing, but sadly it does not always work out like that, I often wonder if some people go through life showing no kindness to anyone !

As I go through my day, walking, driving what ever I am doing, we really do come across people who have their head some where that I don’t think is here with us, we stop to give way to traffic, and they do not even notice that you are there, I prefer to think this, than just believe they don’t care if you are there or not, so are these kind of people so troubled with life problems or are they just not well-trained in social kindness, to be tuned into the needs of others is not a special gift, it is simply awareness,when we go shopping and are attended by a polite kind person, we remember this and the memory of that moment stays with us,  we can be anywhere in a restaurant, a petrol station even just crossing the road, when we receive kindness it is always a welcoming thing, so to give it makes our day worthwhile. 

daily kindness 1

Kindness is something we cannot buy, it has no price tag, but it is so worthy of everything we have and can give, I do not know anybody who does not appreciate kindness, it can come in many shapes and forms, it can be in a physical moment or it can be a thought, ahead of an event  or even after, kindness is usually attached to a form of love, even when it is to people we do not know, we are showing love to humanity and how we would like to be treated, this is a thought that should be most in your mind, how do you want to be treated, and do to others  as you would do to yourself ! this is an easy way to look at things in general and you cannot go far wrong using this rule in your daily life, we should always be thankful for kindness that comes our way.

daily kindness 2

It is perfectly true how kindness can change our day, it’s just the same as when we choose positive or negative to start are day, kindness is a wonderful choice we have in life, it helps us and it helps others, kindness fills us with a good energy flow and gives us the power to pass it on to others.

daily kindness 3

Open the door to kindness, allow it into your life and share it where ever possible ❤



Brooke Universal Life Coach 




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  1. Great post # inspirational
    Liked it
    Kindness is something we cannot buy, it has no price tag, but it is so worthy of everything we have and can give,💙
    Keep sharing

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