Have you ever been judged, and not even been able to put your case forward, you are asked no explanations, just simply judged…………….how wrong, but in the end who wins? Does anyone gain………what you have to have clear is who you are and how you feel, every stage of life is important and you don’t need to look back, however it is very important that you stop and smell the roses, life is to be lived and enjoyed, no matter what the circumstances, it is important that we try to make the most of the time we have here……..

Many people tend to have a problem with anxiety, which will hold you back from many things that you could enjoy, I would highly recommend Yoga, it is a really good place to escape to and extremley calming, once you get the hang of it, it can be very beneficial in itself and what it opens you up to in life…..

Of course we should never forget happiness, what a life lesson that is, it is the ultimate goal for most people, rewarding you with a peaceful and content sensation, which is a wonderful way to live.

You don’t have to have a reationship to be happy, you can find love in all kinds of places, you can find love in compassion and empathy, with friends, groups of people and places, wherever you feel you can be your true self, it is a wonderful kind of love, its a true love, of loving yourself and your soul. We all have so much, alone or in a relationship, this is a personal choice and we are all different.

Ageing and life lessons are great, there is beauty in ageing, our perspective needs to shift, we’ve become so obsessed with youth that we don’t give age the respect it deserves, It’s something you should look forward to, every stage of your life is important and you don’t need to be looking back, you need to love every part of your life, it’s part of your life, it’s not something you should dread. That’s what can make us sad, we need to look forward to this part of our life, something that is beautiful, there really is beauty in all ages, there is no expiration date on beauty.

My happiness comes from simplicity, and you?

Brooke Universal Life Coach





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