Do you tend to panic when you think about where you are going, have you had to listen to someone who believes that you choose a profession and stick with it, all of your life, in days gone by, I dare say that was true, our grandparents may well of thought that way, and sadly planted that into your mind, thus becoming a an unlimited believe and one you may find difficult to uproot. However today, living in the present totally does uproot that belief, as we can be whatever we set our minds to, nothing is impossible. It is not a question of who are parents are, or their background and family or financial history, this modern world and the magic of the internet, has made the world a much smaller place and the opportunities we have to choose from are endless, you can study anything you choose, and many things are without moving from your home.

So, if you are confused as to where you are heading, don’t panic, it really is a normal thing, when so much is available to us. Many have much more than one career or profession , and it is not something that is frowned on, also if you are qualified in different subjects that is also not frowned on, the more the merrier, all of these things are knowledge and knowledge is power……. and power is always a valuable tool.

It is not a reason to panic, if you find yourself at an older age, or young, it really is not a question of age,and you feel unsettled and unable to find the niche we are looking for, where we will receive personal satisfaction for our work and of course the right financial income for us to enjoy our lifestyle. It is a known fact that at times the more we panic the more internal confusion we create and the more difficult it is for us to focus on exactly what and where we want to go. We should also not feel bad or unsatisfied with ourselves if we totally change direction in our work and life in general, we are free and independent people and have a right to find happiness in what we do and who we do it with, at times it is necessary to make these changes to find what we are looking for, even if we don’t know what that is, luckily most of us do know what we don’t want and that helps, the only thing with that is you must give what you don’t want in your life to much thought, don’t focus on it, as we will only bring more of that to us, the calmer you can be during this change process, the better, you need to find clarity to guide you to your new venture and successful future, don’t put a time on this, because as they say, “you never know how near you are” your intuition will also help you, if you can calm to the point it can be heard and felt, what will be, will be and our life can change in a very short time, when we start to travel on the right road, if you are not there yet, it is not your fault and Rome was not built in a day !! A new venture will not create the income you wish for immediately and the more anxious you become the more difficult you make it for yourself, this is a difficult period, but well worth the patience you give it, to later enjoy the success, which will come with continual work and new habits you incorporate, which is key to life and new business ventures


Never underestimate your power and abilities, it is possible for you to reach all of your goals, if you really want them, never worry about how you will get there or how things will evolve for you, that is not your problem, your job is to keep the faith, believe in what you are doing and always be open and allow help to flow into your life. Success will find it’s way, you just have to be ready to open the door and welcome it , into your life, can you do that ?


Universal Life Coach


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