Do you feel stuck? …… Do you think your too old?…….re-invent Do you feel down?……re-invent………

You are never too old to re-invent yourself, your age and gender never come in to the equation,the big question is, Are you ready? That is the most important point to all of this, how you are feeling about making this big step of re-invention, I am sure you have thought, more than once, if only I had my time again, what if I had made a different decision? You can wonder all you want,but all you really have to do is go for it, re-invent yourself, this is a time of changing habits and may be some of the rules and regulations you have lived by, and a moment of realizing that it is possible to outgrow yourself , many of us don’t realize this, we feel we have to leave certain people on our journey, due to outgrowing them and a change in interests and generally how we have evolved, but we can also out grow ourselves and if we realize that it is a great sign that shows you how well you know yourself………

When you decide to take this step, which I highly recommend if you feel your life is not sitting right with you and your feelings, always remember that you are strong and brave and can do this, you need to take responsibility for where you are now and where you would like to go, think what do you want to be? take on the task or may be belief’s of what you think is stopping you,(don’t let this be other people) start to enjoy the idea and the process of reaching your new inner or outer destination, treat yourself to some little necessities you may need, or simply re-vamp what you have, this is a great moment for you to start trusting yourself and your judgement, don’t doubt yourself, take life a little less seriously and put more into what you want and who you wish to be !!

This could be one of the most exciting times in your life, when we change direction in life or re.invent ourselves as I like to call it, enjoy every day in front of you, this is an adventure,but, with the experience you already have, use it well and treat yourself to a little of what you feel is missing in your life……go on re-invent!

Brooke Universal Life Coach

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