At times when we show our emotions, you may think you are sensitive, and that at times sensitivity can be classified as weak, this is not so, we all show our emotions in different ways, you can find that the most sensitive can be the one’s that make the biggest difference, you are who you are, don’t change just to fit in and feel more accepted.

So, how do we control our emotions? are you capable of controlling not only your tears but also your anger, are you going to be sad forever? One thing you should have very clear is that you cannot control 100% your emotions, what you can get a grip on is how you react when your emotions come to the surface, and that is important to know the difference.

Self control is a great strength, that you will find within, calmness is a wonderful feeling that can be mastered, you do not have to be born with it, you have to know that with your strength, you have the capacity to not react to someone who will try to provoke or play on your emotions, don’t allow others to lead your life, you mark the direction you wish to take, your intelligence is stronger than your emotions and it must allow it work in these situations. You may wonder how you can master this, this is down to your self-awareness you need to have this under control, you have to control your destressing emotions, without this you feel no empathy and your relationships will be difficult, so if this is not in check, all the intelligence in the world will not get you very far.

You will always suffer if you allow your emotions to react to everything around you and that includes people that know how words and actions can offend you. You know when you are in control, it is your power within, you need to relax and observe how this works, use your logic, when you allow words to control you, you are telling yourself that people can and always will control you…..Breathe, and allow things to pass…… have control !

The more you intend to hide your feelings (emotions) the more they will actually show…..and sadly the more you deny them and express them the more they will grow.

When at times, you reach your point of no return, and we all do at some point and you feel that there is no one to share your feelings with, close your eyes and try to share them with yourself, just you alone, because when we bring logic back into the equation we know that only one person is with you through thick and thin and until your very last breathe, and that is you……..only you

Brooke Universal Life Coach

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