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Sundays, was the day when most families always got together, sadly this has been lost over the years due to many modern day factors, the world is our oyster as they say, and we could all be in a different corner of this wonderful world !! However, we all seem to be connected to doing well and successful, starting companies and enterprises which are all very comendable, but we must never forget that the best company in the world and life is family. 

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No matter what differences we may have with our families, and I am sure there are many over the years, family is family and as the quote above stats “love never ends” and this must never be forgotten.

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5 Comments on “OLD FASHIONED SUNDAY…..

  1. Yes, I agree, families are the cornerstone of life. Hope you’re having a happy Sunday too, Brooke 🙂

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  2. I have had many fall outs with my family over the years – still do 🙂 but yes, if we have a family -blood or non blood related , there is a common bond. I might not like certain things family members do or how they act and the same goes for them but my anger usually dissipates and I am able to forgive. The love and the connection I feel can’t be broken.


  3. Love your reply, and yes its just as you Say, ups and down. But we always remain with more love to give, the supply never ends.
    You have a great Sunday also x


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