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Are you successful when you atempt to manifest what you desire in this world ? some will say yes others no, and then there will be a section of you that could answer yes and no, let me try to explain something to you, for you to understand exactly what you are doing……………… you know how to de-clutter your thoughts, this does not mean that you must have positive thoughts 100% of the time, this is impossible, we are not capable of this, however if we can acknowledge this, it will help us to de.clutter in an easier fashion, it is normal that we have moments of fear and doubt, these moments appear for everyone, you maybe feel you don’t deserve what it is you want, who said so, you others it’s what you believe ? Take pen and paper and write down your fears, why would you not want to have this goal in your life, what could stop you from having what you want, and what are your believes on this matter………….you are not being judged by anyone and certainly not by yourself ! Help yourself out here and have awareness, be aware of your fears etc., 

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When you really believe that you are limitless, things will improve for you and things will start to appear, we put our own limits on ourselves, not others, deep down we are afraid of certain obstacles that appear along our road, our confidence get knocked and we lose our flow, it is so important to be within the flow, the universe will always met us half way and at times even more, we have to participate, we have to act, to get things going………………and the biggest help you have to give is to be specific, very specific, if you are looking for more money, and for example you play the lottery and you start to have little win falls of money, you may think how great it is , but it’s not what you really wanted, it’s not enough, if you didn’t ask for a specific figure, the universe is answering you by just giving you some winnings, do you see this ? never be afraid to ask for what you what , and never be afraid to accept it, when it arrives, are you good at taking compliments, do you open your arms to abundance or do you reject it, do you always pay for the coffee with friends, do you ever let them pay, you have to activate the Law of Attraction to enable it to work for you, know what you want, go for it, and always ask yourself, what, when and why, never refuse kindness in any shape or form and always have gratitude within you for everything you have. When you just want………….more money, a little happier, a better partner the universe has great difficulty understanding exactly what that is, be as specific as possible, detailed. You have to ask for what you want and for when you want it for and your why. Writing things down are a wonderful way to communicate with the universe and miracles can happen.

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Specify these why’s and what it can bring you . You need to participate and act accordingly as mentioned before, if you lose your flow it’s not a problem just go back over what you want when and why, the details don’t let fear or doubt creep in and take away your dream, keep reminding yourself through the day of your dream and what you want, if it’s a dream home or car go and see it, visit them , the more visual reminders you have the better. The other thing you must remember is how to receive, many of us have problems with this ! can you believe it, we wait and wait and then fail to receive in the correct manner, if you are one of these people who only uses the best china or perfume on special occasions ?, its time for a change, change is good, use your wonderful things, that’s why you have them, dont reject your abundance, just be grateful for everything you have, say thank you and be a wonderful receiver, did you know that when we receive we are sending out great energy, to recieve is to energize, that sounds good to me, you will probably be aware that women are generally more givers than receivers, so all change, and let’s get on the right side of this. ❤ (make it happen)

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Brooke Universal Life Coach

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