We all like to be positive as much as possible,but we also have to acknowledge our feelings, this is an emotion that has been given to us to guide us through experiences in our lives, when we repress our feelings over pain, we are only causing more pain,one of the worst experiences is death, we all have to face it sometime in our lives, it is the circle of life,but when are loved ones depart we mourn, this is a process that takes a lot of time and no two people are the same, we can spend a life time mourning,we have birthdays, christmas and special occasions to go through and this will always bring back memories that we hold close to us. We should not be hard on ourselves, we should be kind and gentle,and give ourselves the time and space we need, we cannot rush this, we all look fine from the outside and at times the world does not notice how we suffer inside, the pain is felt more inside than anything we can show on the outside, we may have hysterics,be angry cry for days,we all express ourselves in different forms. There is no guide book for this, we have to find our own way,but you should never pretend it does not hurt,it is necessary for our grieve and feelings to flow from us, don’t be angry with yourself if you find yourself upset,we know it isn’t fair but life is life, when you hold these feelings in, your body will suffer for this in another form. You can still grieve years from the event,you need to accept the loss and forgive if you have to, nobody wants to leave us here,everyone finds comfort in different ways, knowing that you loved that person and that they knew they were loved by you, they would probaly tell you that all is well,don’t judge yourself for time you maybe lost and things you didnt say, by doing this you are including guilt into your grieve, another emotion you will need to deal with, others will lose the will to carry on and put their own life on stand by,people we have loved would not want you to be that way. Remember them as they truly were


It is very important that we understand our pain, it can be a continuous day to day pain,that nobody wants,the dictionary states that pain is unpleasant sensations due to injury or disorder, as well as emotional and mental suffering.Both body and mind are vunerable to this. Pain tells us that something is wrong,at times we need to work out ourselves what that problem is,but we have too be willing to listen,remember that disease is a body in dis-ease…when you know that changes need to be made in your life you also have to remember just one step at a time is all it takes to make a healthy change in your life. You are a special unique individual and will understand yourself better than anyone and know the time you need and the steps you need to take on the path to be free of emotional and phsical pain.


Brooke Universal Life Coach







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