Do you know what you want ? It is not an easy task to actually define the needs that you have, it can be more than one want, that is not a problem, but you must have it extremely clear. It maybe you need help in this area, and there is a few things you can ask yourself to help you make these decisions. The most common question would be, where do you see yourself in five years time, although you may not be able to answer this in total…. but by trying to answer it, essentials will pop up, you cannot  assure your exact place in five years,but you can maybe define a hope. If this is regarding your work, a career affirmation may come in useful here, or you may choose a lifestyle change and accordingly an affirmation for that. Of course if it is a little of everything then a personal affirmation is what you need, there is nothing wrong with that, as long as it swings you into action and motivates you, write it yourself…….center on your main concern, then add the ideas you have to make that as pleasant as possible, write it down, incorporate your own beliefs and principles, don’t worry whatever you feel is true to you, be determined when you write this “I will” “I am”, your affirmation should have affirmative language. 

descarga (2) brain

When you create your own personal affirmation, it’s all about who you are, how you see and wish to act, it’s all about moving on, you know you want to move forward on your terms and you are ready to act, so grab a pen and paper and start to outline your personal affirmation,first state your wants, your desires, your dreams list them into a priority form, write out what you believe and create your affirmation .



Brooke Universal Life Coach

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