Why do we think that we cannot have it all……..because it is ourselves that denies us that privilage, when we are successful in one area of our life,, we tend to look for flaw’s in other area’s maybe our financial situation is going great, but we start to see annoying little habit’s with our partner or our job, or the other way round. I have to admit that women tend to do this more than men, when everything is fine in one area, we start to get doubts, and start to think that we just can’t have everything, this is not true, we do not have to have drama in our lives twentyfour/seven so why do we do this ? The answer’s to this lie in fear and not allowing, created by our own minds,of course we can have everything !!! and more, you should not feel afraid to have everything you want, when fear creeps in we start to block ourselves, and this is when we should remember the Universal Law of Allowance, you have to open up and allow yourself to enjoy and feel comfortable with your successful situation, when you accept things as they are whether it be people or your new situation,this is the Law of Allowing. At times we may not approve of a situation regarding others but we should always allow, there is a big difference between approve and allow, it’ Live and let live, when you accept and move into acceptance you as a person can move forward, allowing more area’s to feel acceptable to you, no flaw’s, no doubt, this way you can have everything you want, without an area of your life suffering, you achieve your balance and inner peace, all is well in your world, in everyday life when little things disturb us apply the Law of Allowance, you don’t have to approve – just accept, when you apply this principal you are saving yourself a tremendous amount of time and suffering, time that you need and suffering you can do without.You really can have it all, you just need to work on yourself a little, don’t look for things that are not there, this is a waste of your valuable time. Keep moving forward with clarity , you are not being judgemental you simply accept.When we allow we recieve.

Brooke Universal Life Coach







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