It is possible that we let others rule our lives, people put on you and put us down, but what really counts is the image that we hold of ourselves, and this is purely down to our own control, but this is sometimes far more easier said than done, we do not have the ability and this takes down the image and destroys our self-image and self-esteem.

Are you one of these people who wakes, takes a look in the mirror and starts your daily dose of criticism, not a great way to go forward into your day, already full of negativity. Not so long ago this probably affected more women than men, but we now live in a society of image,creams,pills,diet,fashion….all that now seem to affect men the same as women, the fashion industry love to show of the ultimate design on perfect bodies (their opinion of perfect bodies) nothing short of what my grandmother would have suggested a good wholesome meal…..but back to the subject at hand, body issues are usually the main concern which brings our self-esteem or better said low self-esteem, we live in a world where everyone looks for perfection and what they are shown around them, don’t forget that maybe most of what you see has totally been photo.shopped, so the wonderful partner you may be looking for, really does not exist except in the world of a beautiful magazine, the same can be said about the clothes you buy and how you think they should look, maybe this is why, it is so hard to find and maintain a relationship are we looking for something or someone who does not exist in reality, your job, your home , your car there is a big difference between wanting to improve your life with confidence and going out there totally convinced that you can have whatever you desire, than trying to get out there obtain everything you want with low self-esteem…. it will not happen as you start with negativity and end with negativity. Having a positive frame of mind is the key to your self-esteem and happiness, feeling happy and content about yourself, we are dealt the cards, it’s how we play them that gives us the result we finally want. This is where auto suggestion plays a big role, if you have low self esteem because you maybe want to lose weight, you start your diet and the only thing you can think about is food,glorious food, there are various factors here, first you must want to lose that weight,the same as when you want to stop smoking, like anything in life if you don’t have that inner desire,don’t even try…. it’s negative against negative …..first find the inner desire for anything you may want to achieve and succeed secondly always try to surround yourself with people who understand your desire and will give you that support that you will need to achieve your goal, people who will work with the same conviction (positivity) as you, repeat your auto suggestions time and time again, feel the goal you are aiming for,live the moment as if you have achieved your inner desire. The new-found confidence you now have will allow you to leave your problems and hang up’s in the past, today is the present and tomorrow is your future, you do not have to live through your problem for years and years,you have no need to give your energy and time to these underlying issues for eternity. Find the solution now, and live the life you desire. Do not suffer one more day, this is down to you. own and control it as from today.

self image 3

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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