Are you capable of protecting your own space, most of us are not, this could be due to avoiding conflict, to timid, fear,lack of confidence in yourself, your education………………………..the list could be endless so which excuse would you use ?, have you ever watched children play, most children will defend there space without even thinking about it, it is automatic reaction for them . A child will play and interact with other children,but, if another child takes there toy or the attention of the person they are with, they will react, usually with a strong and loud NO, they don’t stop and think they just act, obviously as they grow they are taught to interact in a more correct manner, we teach them to be educated, to share, to care to approach there behaviour in an acceptable way.

our own space 1

However do we overdue it ? as adults do we forget all together are right of personal space, I am not refering to your personal space within your home, although some of us,should protect it more this is more about the boundaries we set physically and emotionally,do you let people into your life at there request or yours,are you capable of sending that person or people right back where they came from ? are you capable of cutting out the rest of the world and not see what is going on around you on a daily basis,this happens mostly when we are among the general public,do you allow people to shout around you,or have to support conversation’s next to you that you would prefer not to hear,are we truly aware of our own behaviour,do we respect ourselves and others around us,are you the person that pushes into a long line of people,the person that takes a seat when an older person is left standing,or are you the person that always thinks of others,if this is the case,you could infact be sacrificing your own needs to please others,so do you put other’s needs before your own ? do you compromise,are you capable of making a compromise ?


The secret here is to find the balance,the perfect give and take situation,for you and those around you to be comfortable and respected within the decisions you make and your personal behaviour because we must not forget that ultimately we are all connected . Enjoy your space and let others enjoy there’s.


Brooke Universal Life Coach

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