There is nothing wrong what so ever to feel different or unique, but it is wrong to victimize ourselves for that reason, this will create toxic relationships around us, that are unnecessary, when we are different we should learn how to make the most of that situation, instead of falling into the deadly trap of feeling so sorry for ourself, “Oh, poor me·” It is up to you to help others understand you, without threatening behaviour or making them feel guilty for one reason or another. So you feel that no one understands you? Do you feel that others don’t do enough for you ? maybe it is time to revise your attitude, lets see if I can help ?

misunderstood 1

Do you remember the story of the little chicken, you went through life and around the world with a part of his shell on his head, he cried and cried and said that no one understood him, we all know this kind of person and have even maybe been ourselves at some point, what is it that makes us feel so of the rails and not part of what is going on in this world ? when we act and feel so differently to everyone else.Why am I so misunderstood, shouts the black sheep of the family, everyone else is not like me. 

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Who am I ? do I belong to a determined group , that has some kind of a form of identity, A football team, sharing a certain form of political thought, a budist a vegetarian, a robot, we collect with people of similar interests, but what happens when we feel that we don’t fit in nowhere, this is not always bad news, on the contrary to know you are different from others, is a sign that is telling you, you have something fresh and original to offer the world, you just have to dig deep to find out what it is, develop it and use it in a manner useful to you and others. 

People who do not know where they are going, need to find their way, their road just for them, as the solutions used by others will not serve them, for this reason, the majority of known people classified as a genius are always people who have felt or feel misunderstood, who have dared to travel their own road where others have never been .

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Brooke Universal Life Coach

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