The first rule in finding happiness, is to believe in yourself!!

Happiness is not a state of being, it is your attitud towards your life, when you believe in happiness and what it represents you should share the news……we should always teach all children what is happiness, however, sadly there are many families who ignore this fact, they seem to spend more time pulling apart the Mother in law, the neighbours their boss, when you educate a child in happiness, you are educating them in compassion, knowing how to be, how to forgive and not to give so much importance to it, to have a good sense of humour, in surrounding themselves with good friends and to care for them, also to help them with emotions like break ups anger and no sympathy, we find happiness when we can share, whatever we have with others. However, there are a few magical formulas to happiness, first we must propose to ourselves to be, just that Happy, to believe in ourselves and to accept things as they come and to see the problems from afar. We should put our thoughts and feelings into what we have, we should do things that make us happy and have fun, take an optimistic attitude

Brooke Universal Life Coach

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