The Law of Sufficiency and Abundance.

This is a key law, this is where we shift from a lack mindset and open ourselves up to receive all the wonderful things the universe really has for us.

images LOA sufficiency abundance

Wherever we look in nature, we can see right in front of us abundance at it’s best, there is an unlimited supply of everything what ever we want and experiences to match. There is enough for all of us, there is no shortage of anything, it is us, we wish to belief there is a shortage, a lack , it is our belief, we believe there is a scarcity and limits on what we want. 

The Law of Sufficiency and Abundance brings us back to the truth.We are in a world of an unlimited supply of resources, on a energy, emotional and physical level. Some of us believe that we are seperate from this abundance, but we are very much part of it, and because of this we CAN create anything you wish. No matter what you want, love, money, joy, success whatever it may be, when you apply the Law of Sufficiency and Abundance, it will let you in, you can tap into the unlimited about of abundance that we hold within us. 

We all know that in this abundant universe, there is no lack, is it possible to count all the stars, all the water, all the flower petals,all the tree’s in the forest, Nature has an abundance it is abundance.Our energy and that around us has no limitation, when we truly believe that we are abundant, we have a job to do, focus , focus is so important focus on what we have and be satisfied, when we do this we open up to energy and everything. Abundance in every thing we do and share, love, prosperity, opportunity, passion energy money  abundance is a living energy. When we are satisfied with our abundance and focus on what we have, is when we truly connect, you get excited because you now know, what wonderful things are to come, you appreciate the now, and you appreciate what is coming. Look for positivity in everything you do, be happy with who you are, this is when you can create things, this is your key to your abundance. 

You have to know yourself so well, and be excited for what you know and believe is coming,your great future. Focus on what you want. Appreciate your family, friends, children everything you represent, because you are worthy. You really do have it all, to work with the universe and create your dream life, abundance is all around us and it is not divided out by anyone, it is there for the taking, sadly many people see it as a universe of scarcity…. this is not the case, get out of your comfort zone and have what is yours, you have this power.When we believe there is a lack, we take our own power to manifest away, we do that, while we watch others take what they want, and while we remain in this mindset, you will continue to receive the same as always, nothing will change. We are eternal beings in physical form, well being and abundance are the basis of our universe.

The Law of Pure Potentially

images LOA law of pure potentially

The Law of Pure Potentially is based on the fact that consciousness itself is the essence of who we are. When we become aware of our inner being, the spirit, which encourages our minds and bodies is pure potentiality , then we are in alignment with the power that will manifest everything in the universe. Nothing is impossible, we can create anything, and there is no limit.

Pure Potentially is the base of everything created, been, before and after. Whatever you may want exists, right now, as a potential as a possibility. When you activate the Law of Pure Potentiality you obtain the power to manifest each and every possibility as reality. Never forget the universe has no limits !!!!

If you can visualise whatever you want, you can manifest it into physical form. Keep hold of your vision at all times, focus on that vision and belief it will manifest. Use your energy (potentially) you manifest. When you are aligned you are happy you feel good, It is your pure potentiality, Do you know how powerful you are and feel when you know that you are now the human magnet bringing everything to you that you want.?


Universal Life Coach



  1. I love this so much it’s the dose of positivity and research I needed to get me out of my funk! Thank you I’m very grateful for your wisdom and expertise. πŸ˜ƒ

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  2. Great post. I need to work on abundance. You’ve given me a lot to ponder and focus on. When I meditate I like to ground myself then focus my attention on different things like ego etc. Just this morning I felt there was something I needed to focus on but didn’t know what. I hopped on your sight to read this that I made a mental note of to read later and it’s exactly what I needed. I know I don’t have to wait until I meditate so I’ll shift my thoughts and relationship with those thoughts now but I’ll defiantly work on them in depth later πŸ™‚

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