To dream and have wishes, desires that we can reach at some point are very beneficial for us to learn to be able to better our objectives in life, even though this goes against popular opinion. This allows us to be more productive on our artistic creativity, it allows us to view things and face things in different ways.

It can be dangerous to dream awake, fantasy can play a large part in the mind of an adult, however as many say it is dangerous they also feel it can be beneficial. However you do need to know the differencial in having imagination and desires that help to simply gesture your life in a better way, and imagining all day long in another world, and to accomplish positive changes in your life, but you should never lose sight of various points.

This is your moment………….

On many occassions we are not totally conscious of what we can aim and reach and what we can’t, we believe we can make all our dreams a reality. At times we wish to touch the sky with our finger tips and we actually finish with our toes touching, deep within a gigantic hole, this is why it is so important to be conscious of reality, and know what tools we have available to us to reach, these maybe fantasies….most of you know that I believe we can achieve what we start out to do, however some dreams do have a sell by date, you have to work day after day for your dreams to become reality and for them not to disappear into thin air, this only leads to frustration and us feeling sorry for not having reached our objective, with a wish to blame the world.

Although a fantastic imagination can be a great escape from stress and anxiety, you must remember to keep your feet on the ground and not to get carried away with the fantasy, so always place a good amount of truth into your dreams. Many wish to win the lottery, which is very normal and fun, this is a passing moment, as this is maybe not going to happen, it is a question of being practical and productive. When you dream of what you want and visualize your future situation of what you want and how you will feel, you see and feel your success, this is very natural and is also a positive emotion and constructive, it is necessary and good for you.

Brooke Universal Life Coach





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