So, how long has it been since you emptied your luggage, you know all the excess baggage you are carrying around and paying a high price for, are you aware that it affects every part of any future relationships and weighs you down, at every cross roads you arrive at, if this is family baggage, partner baggage or maybe just your own baggage, don’t you think it is time to say bye-bye !

You have to face this and the sooner you attend to this, the better you will feel, and the sooner you can really start to build new relationships, until then, forget any future,because you are sadly stuck in the past.

baggage 1a

If you find someone new in your life, and they are willing to help you unpack, you are very lucky and you need to open up 100% to this person, you have to trust your inner power to guide you, be brave and start to move forward in your life, this is an opportunity and you need to act, you need to do your part, this cannot be done for you, you can have help but your input has great value to yourself and the situation.

One thing is for sure that no one or situation can progress until the old situation has been resolved emotionally, the same as you cannot work in two places at the same time, or journey to two different places and a relationship is exactly the same, when we talk about the heart and your emotions, you cannot go forward into a new relationship when there are still emotions pending to be resolved, this does not mean that you may still love your ex partner, we are probably talking more about acceptance of a situation, if your problem lies with a family member or friend and not an ex, it is the acceptance, or non acceptance that does not allow you to move forward, you are not free and will not be able to give a 100% input into anything new.  You have to accept your new conditions, when you long from something from your past, you will not even be able to see your future or venture into it.

baggage 2

When you accept the situation, you have to find your self-respect, you have to see your worth, not what someone else told or showed you, you must find your own self-worth, which believe me is a lot, your value is so great, you are a unique work of art, that makes you who you are and what you have to offer and to show what you would like to receive, you are not a victim of past circumstances, you are an equal looking to share your life and abilities with someone new, you are looking for new experiences and beautiful things in your life. When you know that you are suffering in a relationship of what ever kind it may be, when you suffocate from mixed emotions and do not feel happy, you are not comfortable for what ever reason, you have to be brave enough to close that chapter in your life. 

baggage 3

You are not here to suffer, your life is your life and you hold control of that,no matter what you may believe, you are in control of your own life by how you react to situations and circumstances , respecting yourself is very important,you have a right to be happy and have a good life. When we close a chapter of our life story, it is important that we learn from all our past experiences, until we learn, life will just repeat its self, the more we learn and understand the why’s in life the better we are prepared for what is to come, we are learning all the time, everyday can be a learning curve, but we can build on good experiences and with good people, we know in our hearts what we want, and it is up to us to find that and work in harmony and balance to achieve inner peace in this life, without inner peace, we can never show or obtain outer peace. We need to live in the now, be happy always 

baggage 4

Brooke Universal Coach




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