It is a known fact that exercise can prevent multiple diseases and illness, and Covid 19 is one of them, recent studies taken place in Madrid (Spain) show’s that people who are active with exercise routines run the risk eight times less of facing mortality than others who have a sedentry lifestyle.

It has already been proven that physical exercise is a great help to heart related problems and illness, but it has since been established that Covid 19 is under the same situation, proving to be very much part of the treatment for a full recovery and survivor side of this dreaded illness.

If we incorporate exercise into our daily living, we are prescribing for ourselves one of the best medicines there is to have, the secret word is always moderation here, if you are to over work yourself physically, obviously it cannot be beneficial to your health, you have to take great care with this….always take into consideration your age and abilities, it is always best to start your routine slowly, if it is going to be a new habit in your life……but it will be well worth it to you and those around you. You will, very quickly see and feel the results within yourself and your life, look after your body and your body will look after you!

Brooke Universal Life Coach




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