Do you have the knowledge to live your life in a calm beneficial state, most of us live our life trying to do something big, very big……and we fail to see that life is made up of many  little things ! 

It’s those little things, that allow us to love our defects, to live in the present, the art of dreaming and to stretch out of our comfort zone and to enjoy the sweet things, that life can offer us. 

things in life 1

When we truly understand how to feel, sense, think and enjoy to reflect and to find, and of course to inspire, our whole life takes on a different concept. We start to live with a sense of calm we did not have before, when the smallest of things can bring us the biggest pleasures.

things in life 2  If you were to think of the above, the beauty of flowers, when you see them,touch them and enjoy them in your home, the delicate perfume that   floats through the air, a wonderful hug from someone you love, this can be your partner or it can be a tiny little hug from your children or grandchild, that you cherish and keep with you within your heart forever, that little smile they give you when they know that you are there for them , the fresh crisp smell after the rain has fallen, and the beautiful stars that light your way, as you have fallen in love and held hands under that soft sparkling light, little things you will always remember, how you have read a book, that has taken you to a new place,situation or romance, the little things people have done for you that you have enjoyed and felt so deeply, the walk in the forest with the leaves falling around you or the wonderful smell of freshly cut grass, a favourite for many, or the wonderful mist that covers everything we can see, as you can see this is all to be enjoyed by sense, smell ,thought etc., they are magical little things that can bring so much into our life, if we take the time to experiment and realise how lucky we are to be surrounded by all these little things. 

things in life 3


Life is indeed a gift, that we should treasure and enjoy, every little part,it is all there for us to enjoy, fill yourself with the art of living in the present  


Brooke Universal Life Coach








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