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Each new generations, has it little changes and differences, although what is known as family tradition may stay the same for years, if all parties wish it to be that way…………….the big debate nowadays seems to be the male and female role, this is maybe where more changes and progress has been made………….. should a male member of the family be praised for helping around the home, one generation will say yes and the other new generation will form an opinion totally the opposite.

Do we still see in the modern home, girl jobs and boy jobs, many modern couples are equal in every sense, they work as a team in and outside of the home, between themselves and if they have children also, family care and house hold chores are shared as much as possible. Some can still belong to the old school and feel that the role of the woman will be to cope with the domestic and emotional load for the family. Which can mean a great sacrifice on certain things, what we today call our time, can be as basic as a run to the shops alone!! Big deal eh ! where as the male member may continue with his squash, golf etc., being a husband and a father to some changes nothing in their life at all, this really is not, what I would call fair and you ? 

The decision to have children is usually taken by both parties, so if this is the case the following responsibilities should also be the same, and don’t forget this is a life time job, even if they become future presidents of companies or countries, our children are always our children, they don’t see it this way, but we do and it is this way. It is great to spend time as a family, but it is also wonderful to have together time and even you time, the secret is to find what works for you as a family, not for others, if as a unit you are all happy and find the right balance that you need, that is all that matters. It just needs to work for you……………when both parents are involved in the daily duties it allows both parents to pursue their career and feel realised as adult people within their own right. 

When children grow knowing that both parents are involved in their life and home life, that they both cook and clean, they are learning to become complete  caring and sharing adult people and not thinking that there is girl and boy jobs !! At times our parents (previous generation) can be known to say how lucky we are to have such great help around the home and with the children, luck I don’t think is the right word to be used, so are they for having a great partner also, it is not a question of luck, it is a question of understanding each other and having communication on a continual flow, consideration for each other is very important. 

mother and daughter 2  

It is true that women in this case (mother) will tend to worry maybe more that the male parent, although I feel some feel the procession inside and say nothing at times, but it is true the quote above, we deal with fears we didn’t know existed. 

mother and daughter 3

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  1. Great article Brooke. I think nowadays fathers and thus men worry as much, but still don’t express it as much as women do. Maybe the ridiculous general idea still exists, that a man is weak when expressing his feelings/emotions and thus worries?


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