• It’s springtime and we think that we are full of energy and ready to go after the long winter months, but it really is not that way for everyone, in fact there are more cases of depression registered in May than most any other time, so for that reason we need to take note and add a little motivation into our work mindset,
  • mindset 1a
  •                                    This has to be action – we tend to sit on the side lines and wait for people to tell us what to do, we should just focus a little more, get to the point of things and get the job at hand done, once you have done this successfully you will get a great injection of self-esteem and feel really good.                                                                                                 Confront your fears – Fear is generally nothing more than a lack of confidence in yourself, this can be solved by a little bit of curiosity, try to learn something new everyday regarding your work,a new way of doing things,don’t just imagine something because you don’t know how to do it. Due to your curiosity you will be prepared to take on something new.

Mindset 2a

  •                                                                      Pick up your potential It’s at this time that we don’t have enough energy, so go for a run, sprint hard, then slow done, each time to your own new limit,later relax and collect all the new energy When we feel full of energy we have more capacity to confront what is going on around us.                                                                                           Recharge your energy Now you have your new-found energy, you also need to rest, how you breath and what you eat are also definite facts to your physical energy, it is essential to take a little break every 90 mins of your working day, sit,relax, listen to your breathing,take deep breaths and take in the vital energy you need to bring your levels back up and exhale.                                                  Let yourself go – try to visualise the enormity of the universe which is around us every moment of our life,think of the miracle of life and how we are here and why, when we see all this we realise how small our problems are, with every mistake we learn something valuable .                                                                                Don’t worry about what people say- Just be yourself,in the work place you are probably one of many and people are not waiting to see your mistakes, the world does not evolve around you,and those around you don’t care (it’s not personal it’s a work environment) so be as true to yourself as you can be, people are not waiting to jump on you, when you do something good or bad. believing in yourself, does not depend on others for you to reach your goals. It just depends on you………………………………………….

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