Have you ever given it any thought as to what your habits may be costing you, I am not talking about your good habits, if they are good and healthy it is a cost of what ever kind well spent. I am talking about bad habits, these bad habits that we acquire along the way that in fact are stopping us from achieving our goals, so they are costing us a lot, maybe not financially directly but they are costing us, they are preventing us to reach that goal which maybe is also an increase for us financially.

habit cost 1

So, are you supporting your better self or are you letting your self down badly and have not even realised the fact, sometimes the obvious is the hardest thing for us to see, so when we focus just on ourselves and analyse how much our bad habits really cost us !! we tend to get a shock, one of the first things we need to do is to give up a number of things that we probably do now on a regular basis , which means it is a habit and a bad one at that, take a look at the following, are you capable to give up, making excuses, having self-doubt, how you procrastinate, always trying to please people, our total fear of success, negative thinking, and don’t forget negative self-talk, judgement of others, and negative people in our circle………………..how many if not all of these things do you do as a habit, don’t worry about it, I would think it is maybe quite common to have more than one of these not so healthy habits, but it does help us to see how we cost ourselves a great amount in deed, what kind of price do you put on these habits, or better still what price would you put on the reverse of these habits, turning them into fabulous healthy life inspiring habits !!

habit cost 2

The power of positive thoughts do certainly have a positive outcome in our life, things do change, which allows us and are progress to also change in extremely positive ways. It is known that what we think is what we become, so why would we choose to be negative or think of ourselves as victims, you wants to be a victim of anything, no matter what others may say or think, you  own the opinion of yourself and it is far more important than  that of others,you know the saying of “sticks and stones may break your bones but names will never hurt you ” This is why it is so important that you are your own person at all times, we can accept support and help from others, but knowing our own worth is “priceless” When you own these feeling over yourself, you are in balance and harmony with yourself and your life, you are aligned with the universe and most of all you are at peace, to be at peace with yourself is a gift that cannot be bought.

habit cost 3

As you slowly work your way through what is costing you most, you must not start to feel this as an obligation, it is for you, for you to be happier and healthier in everything you do, as time passes you notice the incredible changes that come about, simply by applying the small list of what is a good idea to give up, and maybe you can add to that list, you know yourself best. 

habit cost 4

The golden rule, never to be forgotten is what you think is what we create, it is what you are experiencing in your world right now, at times it is difficult to admit or see what you are doing wrong, or what is holding you back, at times you can be held back by people and situations in your life, however they are not an excuse and should never be used as an excuse, you are capable of creating your future no matter what you have stacked against you, go out there and do it ! you can do it !

habit cost 5

And just look who said that !!!

Brooke Universal Life Coach 






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