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The relationship that you hold with yourself is the most important one of your life, far more important than with your partner parents children work colleagues, you and your one to one, because if you fail at getting along with yourself you are marking your life path and destiny, however the great news is that, it is a little like opportunity you can change it, each day is a new day, it is a little more difficult, but, we can change if we wish, we all deserve to be happy and most people would make that choice if they realised how much it depends on you and only you. When a women loves and respects herself, she will be happy, this makes her happy she will be grateful for things in her life and this in turn will help her with the natural flow of her creativity and the construction of a happy life, only lots of time for happiness and love, which can be extremely contagious, no room is left for negativity or it’s thoughts.

When you make that decision to be just you, how you really are, and not what others want you to be, or a copy of someone else, being just you, is what brings you inner peace and happiness, and people around you will sense this, when you are at this stage you will start to see things much clearer, regarding what and where you want to be in life,it will be crystal clear which decision to take.

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When you see all these things within yourself, you will start to show up in your life, not just from time to time,but on a 24/7 basis, the reason for this is the comfort you obtain from being you, you are comfortable in your own skin and happy with who you are, you have found a confidence within yourself that tells you it is the best outfit you can ever wear, it fits like a glove and is so comfortable, when you see that you can learn from everything you see and do,you will have know desire to procrastinate, we can all do that, and we have all been guilty of this, I don’t think anyone has escaped procrastination at some time. You really deserve what you want in life, but, a big part is you giving yourself permission to go for it, yes, we hold ourselves back, far more than situations and other people, that little inner voice shouts out its demands and we follow suit, no more, those days have gone, we are strong, strong women are not cold hard and difficult, as many like to say or believe, they simply know their worth and what they want. Some people feel that a strong women can be somewhat mean, this is so far from the truth, they simply have no intention of being or feeling disrespected, mistreated or taken for granted.

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You must make all the decisions in your life, when you do this you determine your chosen path, your destiny you do not need anyone to tell you or validate your wonderful worth. This does not only apply to your partner in life, this includes your friends and family  who at times feel they have a right to an opinion far superior to yours, friendship is a funny thing, have you ever had a competing friend, they can be great friends, but really they want to be you, this is a perfect example of when being themselves they would be marvellous people, when some one only inspires to be you in the areas of your life of their choice, things can get complicated, nobody want’s to be in full competition with their friend or friends, this never ends well, even though it may have gone on for years,so does a marriage, but occasionally they break……………….never wait for some one else to make you happy, that is your job, when a woman is confident about herself, she is beautiful in her own way, she will have a charisma which is also beauty in itself. As we never know what another person has experienced, this could be the case so  maybe remember this, ” Beneath every strong independent woman lies a broken little girl who had to learn how to get back up and to never depend on anyone” on a personal note,  I am very proud of the woman I am today, because I went through experiences good and bad to get to who I am today. 

When we decide to be that wonderful confident person, there are a few things we may need to change to help us on our way, when we open ourselves up  we should  start to try new things, new things are always good and maybe they are things you have put on the back boiler a long time ago, listening to some of your favourite music always lifts our spirits and help us to get that well-being feeling, when we exercise we also feel good and of course with time, we will be healthier, decision-making is also an excellent challenge, when you do this alone, with no help or interruption you will feel confident within yourself, learning to say no will also fill you with confidence when you have difficulty with this short two lettered word NO, learning to do so will lift your confidence levels way up ! And of course always feel grateful for what you have and what come’s into your life

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” I am perfectly imperfect, I strive for better while loving all that I am today, In loving myself today, I am better equipped to improve myself tomorrow “

Brooke Universal Life Coach  


10 Comments on “YOU & YOUR CONFIDENCE……………

  1. This is a wonderful post Brooke and just what I needed to read today. One of those days when my self worth feels linked in to others. Thanks again 🙂💕


  2. Brilliant post.. the psalms can be such a source of wisdom and comfort.. We are loved for who we are .. not what we do.. its taking me a long time to learn I do not have to prove myself to anyone.. made many mistakes along the way though.


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