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Happiness and couples, what is the secret to happiness ina love story and any kind of success, I would say patience tolerance and the art to listen, yes listening is an art that few have mastered, when we truly listen, it is when we really see the person in front of us and the problem they may be sharing or the opinion they would like to state, or simply the beautiful words and sentences they have to tell you.

Here are a further few secrets we can share:- 

1.  When you both go to bed at the same time, it will be like in the beginning of your relationship, a habit which has no reason to be left behind (except for maybe work commitments ) you will remember that at the start of your relationship going to bed was once the highlight of your day and a time you both  waited for, a time for cuddles is also important.

2.  Try to share similar interests, if you do not have one from the start or now, try to cultivate one that you can enjoy together, don’t become a sports widow!! it is also important to have your own interests and hobbies, as this will make you more interesting when you come together later in the day. And you maintain your independence. 

happy couples 2

3.  Walking hand in hand, or side by side always gives a happy feeling, you are also making a statement to the world, you are together happily together and not forced or feeling under obligation.

4.  It is always best to have unspoken rules for each other, trust and forgiveness is far better than distrusting and begrudging.

5.  It is so easy to find fault in what others do wrong, but the more we focus on what our partner does right can only lead us to more happiness to share with them 

6.  When you are apart, during working hours or other obligations it is important to hug each other on your return, touch is a wonderful thing and can bring sad and happy moments, our skin just like our brain has a memory of its own, a good feeling touch can bring good loving memories, a bad touch can remind us of abused moments in our life and no touch can only make us feel neglected. 

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7.  To tell someone they are loved and to have a good day, can only bring joy and happiness and a wonderful start to your day, it lifts us up and we should try to live by this rule, a simple way to show love and affection, that can mean so much.

8.  Everyday is different for all of us, some are good, some are bad and some are just so, so, however if we end our day with a goodnight to our partner we are acknowledging that no matter what has gone on during your day, or even between each other, what you have is bigger and stronger than anything else, another simple way, another simple word “Goodnight” could be the perfect end to your not so or perfect day.

9.  During your day, check in with your partner, don’t become a pain or so predictable you could set your watch by you, just a quick Hi, how are you, everything ok, this could arrive at the best time during a complicated day.

10. Walk and stand tall when out with your partner, always feel proud to be at their side happy couples hold this special air between them, hold hands give hugs, you are not showing off, you just belong together and this is how you feel 

happy couples 4

If you would like to become the above couple in years to come, and feel the happiness they have together, take note of some of these tips, if you need to form new habits, don’t worry it is never to late, if you and your partner have love between you, to change a habit you only have to repeat what you want until it becomes an automatic thing in your life and relationship. And if you are still waiting for your soul mate to appear, have no fear they could be just around the corner 

Brooke Universal Life Coach 








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