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Have you ever thought how much more than an adornment a candle is ? The same as it is the Queen or King of a relaxing moment, the essence of romance at the right moment in your most intimate of times, it can be a sign of life and a sign of death, burning away in temples, an altar or church, even on the celebration of our birthdays are they present and so center stage to the fun, being the life line of your secret birthday wish, what strength is hidden in the beautiful candle that has charmed many a person from here to eternity .

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Before the soft scented glow of a candle, many of us have fallen in love, there have been famous poems written and homes have been filled with the delicate glow that wraps around our room or home. Candles are always surrounded by a mystical state a halo of mystery that traps us all within, the beauty of a candle really is magical. Who has not turned to candles when looking to make a special impact or moment, wishing for a special spell to exist for us to achieve what we desire. Candles are very present in our life, and not only for a practical moment, we turn to them on many occasion, it is said in the book ” The magic power of the candles” that with the simple act of lighting a candle we are illuminating the darkness which is around our lives with the vital energy which gives of a light which is available to us all. Because to capture this strength we do not have to be experts in mental control, meditation or yoga etc., we just need to have confidence to be loved by the flame and contribute to its strength. 

From a candle we find strength to shine with our  own inner light, candles have always been associated with magic, it is how we communicated with the gods, it is a symbol in many things, Feng Shui candles are the energy Yan there is enthusiasum and life, they symbolise the four elements of nature, the light of fire, which later is transformed into gas, like the air, placed in the south or southeast it can attract harmony and eliminate stress.

They can effect our state of well-being, in a hypnotic capacity and can be a tranquil flicker of a flame, it can be matched with aromas and fragrances. It can surprise us by grouping various colours together , sizes and designs, they can fill the space of an open chimney seen double through a mirror or can be hung from ledges and even trees to give the desired affect, when you have friends around for dinner, it is a lovely touch to fill your bath with floating candles, it will give your bathroom a wonderful glow and a pleasant surprise to your guests.

candle 3

I hope you are all looking forward to your holiday day tomorrow, and if you are having friends around, don’t forget to light a candle, they really can make all the difference.

Brooke Universal Life Coach




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