More than 2.5 million people are working today compared to 15 years ago, over the age of 50, they say this is a new era and that most people of this age are the age of late 30’s & 40’s of years gone by, we are healthier ,life expectancy is far more, we eat better,exercise more and have more energy than when we were younger,so we are fitter,stronger and are better placed to take advantage of the options open to us. You have to realise that the future is yours, so it’s decision time for you, think of things that make you happy that give you the freedom you need and know you are going to enjoy, this way you could stumble across something you can build on and have the future you want.

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If you have lost your job and are in panic mode, knowing it is going to be difficult to find new employment, let all your anguish and helplessness out, it’s okay to feel bad, for a little while,but then you have to make decisions important ones at that, but once the panic has gone, and the more you think in a positive way, a great idea just might come your way, which you can tackle alone or maybe with friends in a similar situation, it is never to late, if you have the courage to go for what you want, you can not do this with fear,and by what others may say as they discourage you along the way, this is a fresh start, no matter how old you are, be proud of what you are going to do, others may discourage you, simply because they do not have the courage you have, critisicm very often comes from people who could not take on anything, let a alone a new start and job or business, remember what you have to offer, experience, this can never be taken away from you you have worldly knowledge that many do not, you are a positive addition and do not have room for negativity or inmaturity.

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Many times we stop ourselves from doing what we wish,because of comments from other people and also from our own fears, fear can sometimes be our own lack of confidence,why, we have got to where we are,and I am sure with some regrets,but most importantly is that we learn from those regrets, whether they be major or minor,this gives us yet more experience to go out and do what we generally would like to do most, a business based on this will be much easier as you will be receiving such great satisfaction from what you are doing, knowing you are doing it well and this will raise your self confidence from the start, value yourself above everything else,because as you do, others will also value you.Everything starts as a dream or an idea which comes to you, there are many ways that this can realise itself, and it is not always down to money, never let your age be the brakes,get yourself into first gear and go, step by step.

Brooke Universal Life Coach




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