The Law of Attraction……Like attracts like ? there is no quick fix to get what we want, and many give up in the process, but it is not due to the fact that LOA does not work, the problem lies with us, and only us, we look for short cuts,we have problems with visualization,but again I repeat the problem lies with us, unless you are looking for love or better relationships,you are probably looking for more money, that is not a problem, you have a right to the amount of money you want, there really is enough to go around many times, most of us will concentrate on a figure and we are told to think of that figure,but many of us fall down in this area with the visualization of that cheque,bank statements or wads of notes, so maybe we have a slight amendment to make, the reason we want that money is to acquire things and we all want different things, material things, again there is no problem, there is plenty to go around…..




So if your problem lies within this, why don’t you try to visualize exactly what you want and not just the amount, you will surely find this easier,your mind will take to this easier, and your results could be easier to obtain, if we stop and think of that wonderful home you wish to buy,or the car you wish to drive, your new job, whatever your wish maybe, you have already seen these things and have a mental picture to work with, if you have never had a large sum of money in your hands or bank account,It has to be more difficult to see in your mind’s eye, it certainly not impossible but the things you have seen and touched will be easier to see over and over again,you can even pass by that dream home or car showroom, or take magazine cuttings of that home etc., actual cash, it maybe more difficult,  to your personal needs, and if it is a relationship you wish to mend or find the love of your life you will know what you are looking for and want in your life, and you HAVE to BELIEVE in what you want and that you have a right to that thing, no matter what it is, no circumstances or situations in your life can change that for you.





A big percentage of people who have what they want now in their life’s, were not born with a silver spoon, they have made it happen for themselves. More and more on a daily basis you hear some kind of reference to LOA, today I heard a TV personality talk about how they wake in a morning,  they take a few minutes to think about how they want their day to go, how they will approach people, how they want the final result to be and how others will have a good day also with the results they are looking for, they visualize their day…. that is LOA on a daily basis and more frequently we hear people talking about the universe and their way of connecting, you have to find your way, that suits you best, that you feel comfortable with and truly BELIEVE in what you are doing, some take longer than others,but once your connection has been made and you start to see results, things will start to move quickly for you, you could be on the point of changing your whole life, and the wonderful thing about this is, is that you only need your self, the rest will be taken care of for you…………………….find your way to connect,it’s there waiting for you.


LOA……Law of Attraction

Brooke Universal Life Coach




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